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Recirculating Cooler/Chiller

The recommended recirculating cooler/chiller option for all Scie-Plas horizontal and vertical cooled gel electrophoresis units. Unlike other chiller units, which are factory preset at 4°C, the working temperature of the FL300 can be set anywhere between -20 and +40?C, making it ideally suited to many techniques ranging from standard cooled gel electrophoresis to IEF with IPG strips. PID (Proportional Band, Integral, Derivative) control guarantees thermal stability within ±0.5°C of the set temperature, obviating the need for continuous operator monitoring. Each unit can be easily cleaned and is supplied with a splash-proof keypad with a bright, easy-to-read LED that indicates the current temperature, while an RS232 interface is located at the front of each unit for PC connection and alarm shutdown. A lift-up cover on the top of the unit allows access to the filling port, while another hinged tray serves as storage for the operating manual and installation documents. A removable venting grid provides ready access to the condenser and drainage tap for cleaning. All models include an easily visible level indicator for the coolant, whereas vents positioned at the front and rear allow multiple units to be placed side by side, saving space within the laboratory.

Ergonomic design and easy operation
Splash-proof keypadwith integrated mains switch
Large, bright LED
Reliable microprocessor PID temperature control
Filling level indicator
Powerful immersion pumps suitable for continuous operation
Maximum permissible temperature of +80°C in the return line from the unit to the chiller
Easy access to filling chamber via a hinged lid at the top of the unit
Low liquid level protection with visible and audible alarm signal
Integrated stainless steel bath tanks
Removable venting grid for cleaning of the condenser
Front drain
No side vents allow multiple units to be stacked alongside each other
RS232 interface for PC connection
IP class according to IEC 529: IP21

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Complete System

FL300 recirculating cooler/chiller unit for 230 Vac mains power supply (please specify if 230V/50Hz or 230V/60Hz is required)FL300please contact us

Technical Specification
Working Temperature Range -20 to +40°C
Temperature Control PID
Temperature Stability ±0,5°C
Display LED
Display Resolution 0,1°C
Integrated Programmer Not available
Heater Capacity 0W
Cooling Capacity 20°C = 300 W
10°C = 250 W
0°C = 200 W
-5°C = 150 W
-20°C = 100 W
Refrigerant R134a
Pump Capacity Pressure: 350mbar Flow rate: 15L/min
Digital Interfaces RS232
Filling Volume 3 to 4,5L
Suitable Fluids Water, water-glycerol & JULABO thermal bath fluids
Fittings Barbed fittings for tubing of 8 and 12mm internal diameter
Pump Connections M16x1 male
Dimensions (W x L x H) 25x50x60cm
Weight 41kg
Ambient Temperature 5 to 40°C
Classification according to DIN 12876-1 -
Available mains power 230V/50Hz
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Technical Specifications

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