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Precast Gels for Isoelectric Focusing

With SERVALYT™ PRECOTES™ precast gels, the days of elaborate, inconvenient casting of gels are gone. Scie-plas offers ready-to-use polyacrylamide gels for horizontal IEF that are simple to handle and reliable in performance. The polyacrylamide layer is bonded to a sturdy, inert polyester support film and protected from damage and drying out by a thin cover sheet. The polymer concentration is 5% and cross-linking is 3%.

Reliable, reproducible results
Easy to use
Thin (0.3mm) and Ultra-thin (0.15mm) gels
3 Gel formats, Large - 245 x 125mm, Standard - 125 x 125mm, Mini - 45 x 50mm (width x height)
Mini gels, compatible with automated electrophoresis units
Long shelf life: over 12 months

Ordering Information
Blank PRECOTES were developed to provide a versatile solution to perform isoelectric focusing of any pH range. The Blank PRECOTES are equilibrated in the ampholyte mixture of choice for 30 minutes prior to electrophoresis.
Blank PRECOTES, Gel size 125 x 125 x 0.3mm42759.015 gels please contact us
Blank PRECOTES, Gel size 245 x 125 x 0.3mm42710.015 gels please contact us


The Liquid Mix IEF Marker pH 3 - 10 is a ready-to-use protein marker especially developed for IEF applications. The marker is applicable to all horizontal and vertical IEF gels and can be used in both native and denaturing conditions (e.g. containing 8M). The marker is an ideal tool for the determination of the pI (isoelectric point) of unknown protein samples, but also for monitoring separation performance of IEF gels. The marker is supplied in 10% glycerol containing Bromophenol Blue (0.01%) and Methyl Red (0.01%). BENEFITS INCLUDE
  • Ready-to-use or lyophilised protein marker for isoelectric focusing
  • For pI determination of unknown protein samples
  • For monitoring the separation performance of IEF gels
  • One standard applicable to all IEF gels (vertical/horizontal)
  • No need for extra High pI range or Low pI range markers
  • Purified protein components, salt-free
  • 13 isoforms, featuring a characteristic pattern
Liquid IEF Marker pH 3 - 10 Ready-to-use 39212.01 5mg please contact us
Lyophilised IEF Marker pH 3 - 10 39211.01 10mg please contact us


please contact us

Applicator Strips

Four different applicator strips are available for dispensing samples.
Applicator Strips 2 x 3.5 19 slots, 100mm long 42914.01 6 strips please contact us
Applicator Strip Kit One of each: 42914, 42915, 42989, 42899 42937.01 4 strips please contact us
Applicator Strips 3.5 x 2 15 slots, 100mm long 42915.01 6 strip please contact us
Applicator Strips 3.5 x 2 43 slots, 240mm long 42899.01 3 strips please contact us
Applicator Strips 7 x 1 24 slots, 260mm long 42989.01 3 strips please contact us
Sample Application Pieces 10 x 5mm 42880.01 200 pieces please contact us

Electrode Wicks

Available in three sizes: Standard - 120 x 6 x 1mm, Long - 240 x 6 x 1mm and Extra - 300 x 6 x 1mm.
Electrode Wicks, Standard Size 120 x 6 x 1mm 42988.01 100 pieces please contact us
Electrode Wicks, Long Size 240 x 6 x 1mm 42987.03 100 pieces please contact us
Electrode Wicks, Extra Size 300 x 6 x 1mm 42972.03 100 pieces please contact us
Anode Fluid 342984.03 50ml please contact us
Cathode Fluid 10 42986.03 50ml please contact us
Bayol F 14500.01 100ml please contact us
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