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Little Dipper Processors for FISH and G-Banding

A SciGene Little Dipper Microarray Processor is a programmable, robotic instrument that automates the various hybridization processing steps used with FISH and G-Banding samples. The Little Dipper instrument improves data quality by eliminating sample handling and by controlling wash buffer/reagent temperatures and times, agitation rates and centrifuge/drying conditions. Each system arrives configured for your platform and programmed with recommended protocols.

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Christa Lese Martin, Ph.D. - Associate Professor and Operations Director
Emory Genetics Laboratory - USA

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Emory Genetics Laboratory (Atlanta, GA) is a leader in the development and clinical use of microarray-based testing for the identification of chromosomal aberrations in postnatal and prenatal samples. We began offering cytogenetic array testing in 2007 and as our sample volume increased, we looked for ways to automate our workflow to decrease technologist time and ensure test reliability and reproducibility. We researched SciGene?s specialized equipment for array processing and determined it was a good fit for the needs of our laboratory. In 2008, we acquired a Little Dipper from SciGene to automate our post-hybridization slide washing and drying process. We found that the Little Dipper Processor reduced variability between arrays and lowered our labor costs, which allowed us to discontinue all manual washing of microarrays. Our technicians love the machine?s walk-away automation, which improves their ability to multi-task and be more efficient. In addition, and more importantly, the instrument eliminates variability between technologists that can result from differences in technique or experience. We also use the NoZone Workspace in conjunction with the Little Dipper which allows us to protect our arrays from the harmful effects of ozone. We normally limit technologists to processing 8 patient samples at a time to ensure test reliability. In 2010, as our sample volume continued to increase, we investigated additional ways to automate our array processing, opting with the ArrayPrep Target Preparation System from SciGene. Now each technician can process up to 48 patient samples; dramatically increasing our sample processing capacity. Over the years, we have found SciGene to be a responsive supplier of innovative microarray products which has provided excellent support to our laboratory.


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