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MultiPrep Genie 205™ Cytogenetic In Situ Culture Harvester

MultiPrep Genie 205™ Cytogenetic In Situ Culture Harvester

Modern laboratories are constantly under pressure to decrease turnaround times, not only to improve competitiveness, but as amniotic fluid samples cannot be obtained until (optimally) 16 weeks gestation, laboratories are required to provide the patient with as early a result as possible. In situ coverslip harvesting permits harvesting to take place much earlier than with suspension methodology. Coverslip harvesting has the added benefit of ruling out maternal cell contamination as the technician analyses metaphases from different colonies as part of the coverslip harvesting procedure. Additionally, coverslip analysis also allows technicians to rule out Cultural artifacts or pseudomosaicism based on the number of colonies an aberration is seen in.

MultiPrep Genie is specifically designed for cytogeneticists carrying out in situ coverslip harvesting and offers true 'walk away' robotic harvesting, not only improving productivity and permitting faster turn around times, but freeing time for the technicians to perform skilled tasks such as chromosome analysis.

In addition, studies have shown that slides prepared using the robotic harvesting show an improved consistency and indeed an overall improvement in quality over manual coverslip harvesting methods.

The MultiPrep Robotic Harvester is the only system available specifically designed to perform cytogenetic sample surface culture harvesting. Careful attention has been given to addressing the shortfalls inherent in all other systems currently in operation for surface culture harvesting, generating a product which is specifically tailored for the requirements of the cytogeneticist.

Applications & Benefits
Custom designed to radically improve the speed, efficiency and repetitive quality of cytogenetic in situ culture harvesting, the MultiPrep Genie provides:
Standardisation of the harvesting procedure - eliminating operator variability
Optimal integral fixative mixing - providing fresh fixative with no operator intervention
Ergonomic compact design - system fits into the smallest of laboratory spaces
Rapid, high sample throughput by multi-level, parallel tissue processing
Integral Fume extraction - eliminating exposure to hazardous fixative vapour
Easy to use hand-held controller
Extensive alarm system - enhancing system reliability
Easy programming capability to accommodate or modify existing protocols
Range of tried and tested harvesting protocols supplied
MultiPrep Genie205™ is a true walk-away automation solution
Reduce Turn Around Time
Improve Preparation Quality and Band Level through standardisation of the harvest process
Reduce Reagent Usage thereby Cutting Cost
Unique Multi Level Design:
Concurrent processing on 5 Levels
MultiPrep Genie can accommodate both Petri Dishes and LabTek Dishes
Multiple dispensing and aspiration probes ensuring blockage free operation
Integral fume extraction facility:
Removes the requirement for installation in a fume cabinet
Eliminates operator exposure to hazardous fixative vapour
Extensive Alarm System:
Both Audio and Visual Output
Provides increased sample security
Increased system reliability
Integral fixative mixing (optional):
Ensures availability of freshly-mixed fixative
Volume calculated to match sample load to minimise reagent wastage
Reduces operator exposure to hazardous fixative ingredients

Ordering Information
Peristaltic Pump
MultiPrep Genie 205 (peri) - 40 position (hybrid labtek/35mm petri)MP2-40-01Please contact us
MultiPrep Genie 205 (peri) - 65 position (35mm petri)MP2-65-01Please contact us
Fix mixMP2-FM1.500,00 €
ScrubberMP2-S900,00 €
Piston Pump
MultiPrep Genie 255 (pistn) - 40 position (hybrid labtek/ 35mm petri)MP3-40-01Please contact us
MultiPrep Genie 255 (pistn) - 65 position (35mm petri)MP3-65-01Please contact us
Fix mixMP3-FM3.000,00 €
ScrubberMP3-S900,00 €
Intelligent aspirationMP3-IA1.200,00 €
Additional Charges
On-site Installation & Commissioning (1 day)MP-IC1.250,00 €
On-site Training (3-4 days inclusive of travel)MP-TR4.125,00 €
Packing, FOB, Insurance and Freight ChargesMP-CIF950,00 €
12 month warranty (included with main proposal)MPM-12Please contact us
12 month warranty purchased after installationMPM-12RNPlease contact us
If purchased with initial order, invoiced annually
24 month extended comprehensive warrantyMPM-24Please contact us
36 month extended comprehensive warrantyMPM-36Please contact us
48 month extended comprehensive warrantyMPM-48Please contact us
60 month extended comprehensive warrantyMPM-60Please contact us

Enzymatic cleanser 2 Liter

GG-CSECS-2L667,00 €

Technical Specification
DeviceMultiPrep Genie 205? Cytogenetic In Situ Culture Harvester
Power240vAC/50 Hz or 110vAC/60Hz,
It draws approximately 7-8amps at this voltage so it is feasible to protect the unit with a small UPS to preserve a harvest in process during a temporary power outage.
SizeHarvester - 37cm x 59 cm x 73 cm (width x depth x height)
Top mounted scrubber - 11cm x 24 cm (diameter x height)
Air FiltrationSingle cartridge
Reagent Bottles
HumidityThe range should be between 40% - 60% with no condensation. The maximum rate of change should be no more than 6%.
TemperatureA suitable temperature range is 18°cc - 24°cc with a rate of change not exceeding 15°cc per hour
Compartments35 mm petri dishes or Lab-Tek chamber slides
ManufacturerGenial Genetics P.O. Box 3751 Chester CH1 9UF
RegulationsEN 13949-1
CE markedLow Voltage Directive (LVD) 2006/95/EC Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) - 2002/96/EC Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) - 89/336/EEC Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) - 2002/95/EC ISO 9001:2000 Certified by Lloyd?s Register QA for 'The manufacture, supply and maintenance of automated sample processing equipment'
Applications & Benefits
Ordering Information
Technical Specifications

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