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MultiPrep CellSprint™ Automated Cytogenetic Suspension Culture Harvester

MultiPrep CellSprint™ Automated Cytogenetic Suspension Culture Harvester

Multiprep CellSprint has been designed in collaboration with leading cytogenetics laboratories as a true walk-away automation solution designed to relieve suspension culture harvesting workload pressures in busy cytogenetics laboratories.

The unique robotic pick and place arm places one half of the buckets in the centrifuge in order for the system to begin its parallel processing. Sensors are linked to alarms which will alert the user if the centrifuge is out of balance or misloaded. Each bucket has a unique ID on the corresponding loading tray and the corresponding run data is logged which may then be downloaded from the system for audit purposes.

Alternate buckets are swapped out, allowing the second half of the harvest to be spun or processed. This parallel processing feature decreases overall processing time for the harvest, providing more consistent exposure times.

During each step in the harvest, the user can see which process is ongoing by referencing the easy to use LCD screen; it shows which buckets are being centrifuged as well as which step in processing the alternate buckets are in.

Between each aspiration step, the dual probe aspiration head swivels to the wash station which washes with the correct reagent for the respective harvest step in order to clean the probes between aspirations.

Each set of probes has dual tips with automatic blockage sensors and an automatic blockage clearing routine, thereby minimizing the effects of any blockage encountered during any stages of the harvest.

The centrifuge lid slides shut with a set of buckets ready for processing. Centrifugation begins under the liquid processing stage. The prefix cycle displayed shows all three towers at work. In the first bucket, the aspiration tower aspirates the hypotonic supernatant, in the subsequent bucket the pellet is resuspended with hypotonic at the second tower and fixative is being dispensed from the third tower into the final bucket.

Applications & Benefits
Custom designed to radically improve the speed, efficiency and repetitive quality of cytogenetic cell suspension culture harvesting, the MultiPrep CellSprint provides:
Fully automated centrifugation, aspiration and dispensing features
Standardisation of the harvesting procedure - eliminating operator variability
Rapid, high sample throughput by multilevel, parallel sample processing
Optimal integral fixative mixing - providing fresh fixative with no operator intervention
Integral Fume extraction - eliminating exposure to hazardous fixative vapour
Integral HEPA filtered processing environment
Easy to use control system
Extensive alarm system - enhancing sample security and system reliability
Multiple dispensing and aspiration probes ensuring blockage free operation
Easy programming capability to accommodate or modify existing protocols
Range of tried and tested harvesting protocols supplied
Unique Centrifuge Bucket Design
Automatically loaded & unloaded
Self-sealing for spill-proof usage and aerosol containment
Unique ID assignable for sample/process tracking & audit purposes
Fully automated Centrifuge loading & unloading supported with robotic pick ?n? place system
Dual-level sample processing
Automated and indexed carousel supports simultaneous reagent aspiration and dispensing during sample centrifugation

Ordering Information
CellSprint 48 Positions
MultiPrep CellSprint Harvester (48 position), includes inline hypotonic heaterMC48-001Please contact us
On line balance system for reagent monitoringMC48-OLB5.500,00 €
Integrated On line fix mixingMC48-FM7.500,00 €
Automated Waste bottle evacuation moduleMC-48-WEM4.500,00 €
Additional Charges
On-site Installation & Commissioning (2 days)MC48-IC3.000,00 €
On-site Training (3-4 days inclusive of travel)MC48-TR5.500,00 €
Packing, FOB, Insurance and Freight ChargesMC48-CIF2.500,00 €
CellSprint 24 Positions
MultiPrep CellSprint Harvester (24 position), includes inline hypotonic heatersMC24-002Please contact us
On line balance system for reagent monitoringMC24-OLB7.500,00 €
Integrated On line fix mixingMC24-FM5.500,00 €
Automated Waste bottle evacuation moduleMC-24-WEM4.500,00 €
Additional Charges
On-site Installation & Commissioning (2 days)MC24-IC3.000,00 €
On-site Training (3-4 days inclusive of travel)MC24-TR5.500,00 €
Packing, FOB, Insurance and Freight ChargesMC24-CIF2.250,00 €
12 month warranty (included with main proposal)CSM-12inclusive
12 month warranty purchased after installationCSM-12RNPlease contact us
If purchased with initial order, invoiced annually
24 month extended comprehensive warrantyCSM-24Please contact us
36 month extended comprehensive warrantyCSM-36Please contact us
48 month extended comprehensive warrantyCSM-48Please contact us
60 month extended comprehensive warrantyCSM-60Please contact us

Enzymatic cleanser 2 Liter

GG-CSECS-2L667,00 €

Technical Specification
DeviceCellSprint™ CSE-24 and CSP-48
Power240vAC/50 Hz or 110vAC/60Hz,
It draws approximately 7-8amps at this voltage so it is feasible to protect the unit with a small UPS to preserve a harvest in process during a temporary power outage.
Weight400kg approx. when loaded
SizeHeight: 1870 mm (With door fully raised: 2370mm)
Depth: 754mm (with doors open: 1215mm)
Width: 1200mm (with pump chamber door opened to fullest extent: 1820mm)
Air FiltrationSingle cartridge containing:
Filter 1 (Coarse): 95% intercept for particles >= 3µm
Filter 2 (HEPA): 99.997% intercept for particles >= 0.3µm
Filter 3 (Activated charcoal). scrubbing of chemical fumes
Reagent BottlesCaps available for bottles with GL-45, GL-32 and 38-430 threads can be fitted according to local standard.
HumidityThe range should be between 40% - 60% with no condensation. The maximum rate of change should be no more than 6%.
TemperatureA suitable temperature range is 18°c - 24°c with a rate of change not exceeding 15°c per hour
Processing TimeTimes vary according to protocols but the CellSprint can process up to 24 tubes between 60 to 90 minutes and the CS48 can process 48 tubes between 90 minutes and 120 minutes. The system can process as many harvests in a working day as required.
TubesMost conical and round bottom centrifuge tubes of 12 to 15 ml capacity are acceptable for use in CellSprint. Leighton tubes are also admitted but more careful setup is required. The CellSprint buckets have been designed and checked to carry most test tubes from 10 ml to 17 ml capacity. During the harvest, the caps must be removed, but the buckets have self sealing caps which isolate each test tube and contain aerosols and most spillages. We have found that both 10ml round bottom tubes and also conical tubes are perfect for CellSprint .
ManufacturerGenial Genetics P.O. Box 3751 Chester CH1 9UF
RegulationsEN 13949-1
CE markedLow Voltage Directive (LVD) 2006/95/EC
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) - 2002/96/EC
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) - 89/336/EEC
Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) - 2002/95/EC
ISO 9001:2000 Certified by Lloyd's Register QA for "The manufacture, supply and maintenance of automated sample processing equipment"

Prof. Dr. K.-A. Kreuzer, Dipl.Biol. C. Krings-Rocha
Uniklinik Köln - Klinik I für Innere Medizin - Köln, Germany

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Our laboratory has been testing the 24 sample Cellsprint harvester since Junge of 2012. We exluisively tested the harvester on bone marrow and blood probes of hemataological diseases like CLL, MCL, AML, MDS, ALL, and T-PLL among others.

Training on the new harvester through a genial genetics engineer was very professional and friendly. We had plenty of time for questions, testing and setting up out protocols. As the handling of the Cellsprint harvester is very easy an flexible, out routine protocols could be assumed quickly.

Since our main focus is on chronic lymphpcytic leukemia (CLL) we were very happy to already switch completely to the Cellsprint harvest after one month of parallel testing (manuel harvest versus Cellsprint). Metahalse yield, speading and quality was absolutely comparable, sometimes even better. After some optimization of protocols, also for other disease entities the results were very satisfying.

The hands-on time of the Cellsprint harvester is minimal; technicians have now more time for analysis and other duties. Also daily and monthly maintenance are not time-consuming.

The Cellsprint harvester is now running nearly 2 1/2 years, 5-6 day a week without any problems.

in total we are very pleased with the results of the Cellsprint harvester.

Prof. DDr. Leonhard Müllauer, Bettina Sprinzl, Stephanie Pusta-Katzian
AKH - General Hospital of Vienna - Vienna, Austria

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Since June 2014 our laboratory is using the Cellsprint harvester six days a week, performing two full runs (24 samples) per day without any technical problems. After one-week installing, instruction and training of our laboratory members we have tested the Cellsprint harvester for two weeks. Minimal hands-on time, easy and flexible handling and sometimes even better quality of metaphases compared to manual metaphase preparation satisfied us. The Cellsprint harvester is reliable and standardized and turned out to be great and essential support. So we fully recommend the 24 Cellsprint harvester for supporting your cytogenetical work.

Dr. Nicole Martin
Queensland Fertility Group, QFG Genetics - Brisbane, Australia

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Our Cytogenetics laboratory has been trialing the 24 sample Cellsprint since the beginning of February 2012. The machine has been run 5-6 days per week, every week since February. On at least 2 days per week, 2 full runs of 24 samples have routinely been run. Initially samples were set up in duplicate, being run on the Cellsprint and the routine manual harvest method. Comparison showed the Cellsprint to regularly have a much higher mitotic index, even in suboptimal blood samples. Comparisons were then run, recording karyotype analysis time from both the manual and automated harvests. There was a reduction of approximately 10% in the time required to fully analyse a patient from the Cellsprint harvests. The Cellsprint performed without any problems and at no stage did we need to contact technical support.

Prof. Kyra Michalova
General Teaching Hospital and 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University , Center of Oncocytogenetics

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We have CellSprint suspension harvester in our laboratory since March 2011 using it daily for harvest of bone marrow and blood cells. The harvester has provided us with improvement of yield and quality of metaphases and with more time for technicians to examine the karyotypes of the cells. The conditions of harvesting are unified and standardized.

Applications & Benefits
Ordering Information
Technical Specifications

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