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CryoJane® Tape-Transfer System

CryoJane® Tape-Transfer System

The CryoJane® Tape-Transfer System achieves frozen sections of paraffin-quality as thin as 2 microns, wrinkle-free, uncompressed, fully intact and bonded to the microscope slide in less than 3 minutes. The frozen section is captured on a cold tape window as it is being cut and is then transferred to a cold adhesive-coated slide. The adhesive on the slide is polymerized into a plastic layer, securely anchoring the still frozen section to the slide. The section on the slide is now ready for fixation and/or staining. Indispensable for sectioning Frozen Tissue Arrays.

The CryoJane® System Can Be Installed In Virtually All Cryostats!

If you are planning to purchase a new cryostat, contact Instrumedics.

Why are frozen sections generally so inferior to paraffin sections and how does CryoJane® get around these problems?

When a cut section is mounted on a room temperature slide, the flow of the melting ice causes water-soluble components of the cell to be displaced by the flow. In the CryoJane Tape-Transfer process, sections are cut, transferred and tightly bonded to the microscope slide without ever being permitted to melt. proteases, alkali and acids. No longer will you lose sections after cytochemical digestion steps, or after rigorous protocols such as in-situ hybridization or IS-PCR. Slow freezing produces large ice-crystals which damage insoluble structural elements and cause displacement of water soluble components. In the CryoJane process the tissue is snap-frozen to minimize ice crystal size. When unfixed wet or dry sections are placed in aqueous solutions (even aqueous fixatives) water soluble substances wash out of the sections. Instrumedics developed an aqueous fixative that maintains the structural elements in the cell, producing H&E stained slides of high quality. An alternative method is freeze-substitution where the ice in the frozen section is dissolved (not melted) in a cold (-35°C) solvent, yielding a 'dry' section which can then be fixed appropriately. Freeze- substitution yields the best morphological results.

What are CryoJane's Special Features?

Thin sections help clarify structural relationships and reveal greater morphologic detail. Flat two micron sections are excellent for fast immuno-stains, in-situ hybridization, IS-PCR, laser capture microdissection (LCM), tissue microarrays, and other molecular diagnostic protocols. The CryoJane® method assures that tissue sections can be maintained unthawed EVEN AFTER MOUNTING. Therefore, sections can be freeze-dried in the cryostat in about ten minutes or freeze-substituted in as little as ten seconds and then fixed 'anhydrously' to preserve virtually all fine structure present in the snap-frozen block of tissue. Water-soluble enzymes, antigens and nucleo-proteins are also preserved in-situ, and with appropriate fixation and staining, true localization of enzyme and antigen activity can be visualized.

Ordering Information

CryoJane Tape Transfer System
One Year Parts Warranty / 1 Box of CryoJane Adhesive coated slides (125/box) / 1 Roll of Tape Window

02-CJ9.500,00 €

Transfer Tape Cryo Jane 2
Used to capture tissue sections - 400 tape sections per roll

475215125,00 €

Pre-coated adhesive slides 1X
Slides coated with a UV curable polymer - 125 slides per box

02-CJ-1X1.100,00 €

Pre-coated adhesive slides 4X
Well adapted for fat tissues, bone or tissue arrays - 100 slides per box

02-CJ-4X570,00 €

Blade cleaner
For use on cryotome blades - 10 blade cleaners per box

02-KW24,00 €

Protective Oil
Used to prevent tissue blocks from dehydration during long storage at low temperature

02-PO75,00 €

Transfer tape Cryo Jane
Used to capture tissue sections - 400 tape sections per roll

47521497,00 €

Hand roller
Used to laminate tissue sections captured on the transfertape to the coated adhesive slide

02-HR160,00 €
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